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Jupiter Broadband specializes in delivering high-speed Internet to people who’ve had difficulty finding it in their area. Whether you’re looking for wireless or satellite Internet, Jupiter Broadband has an abundance of plans to choose from to help serve your needs and save you money. Our plans feature lightning-fast speeds meaning your webpages pull up instantly, videos stream flawlessly, and video games operate without lag! No matter where you live, Jupiter Broadband has a plan that can cover your individual needs.

Broadband Internet Options: Exede + Jupiter

When you have fast Internet service, instead of outdated dial-up, there are so many things you can do online.


  • Shop online any time of day or night with an always-on connection.
  • Surf the web with no delays.
  • Talk face to face with loved ones using Skype or other video conference services.


  • Stay in touch with friends and family through social media and email.
  • Enjoy playing the online games you want.
  • Download files, apps, photos and more in seconds instead of hours.

Even More

  • Stream video from Netflix, YouTube, and other video sites.
  • Stream the music you love anytime.
  • Get Internet phone service or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and save money on your home phone.

Technology Delivers Better Internet Service

For far too long, people in rural America have been forced to use dial-up Internet service to connect to the Web. On top of tying up your phone line, dial-up Internet is incredibly slow, with most plans featuring a max download speed of 53 kilobits per second. This slow connection makes it impossible to enjoy videos online through Netflix, Skype with loved ones, or even keep in touch with friends on social media like Facebook. Simply put, dial up Internet service’s time and place has passed. Find Rural Internet Options that will work for you and your family by calling and speaking with one of our internet experts.

On the other hand, Jupiter Broadband only features plans that are fast enough to meet the demands of 21st Century Internet usage. Our broadband internet plans feature incredibly fast download speeds up to 12 megabits per second! In other words, our customers are able to use their Internet the way they want to!

Tablet and Laptop
Our Wireless Plans Feature Flexibility and Convenience

Do you find yourself travelling often? Will you be moving soon? Do you have a job that requires you to be out in the field? As long as you’re somewhere near a cellular tower, Jupiter Broadband’s Wireless Internet service can tag along!

Have you had difficulty finding high-speed Internet that supports online gaming? Games like Call of Duty, Destiny, Halo, and Madden require a low ping and latency to work properly. Jupiter Broadband’s wireless plans have that covered too! You can enjoy the most popular games you love without lag!

Cost Effective, Fast, and Reliable

Through a partnership with Exede, Jupiter Broadband is proud to also offer Satellite Internet. These plans start at the amazingly low price of only $49.99 a month and are conveniently available everywhere! Some would equate lower costs with poor service, but with Exede that’s certainly not the case. Exede happens to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the Highest Capacity Communications Satellite in the world

With other providers, slower speeds can make it impossible for large families to connect to the web at the same time. However, Exede’s award-wining service features incredible download and upload speeds. In fact, in some areas Exede can offer speeds up to 25 megabits per second! Large families love Exede service as everyone can connect to the WIFI without sacrificing their high-speed connection! While it’s true that Exede plans and other satellite providers have data allowances, most people are happy to find out that with Exede you’re guaranteed to never experience an overage charge. In fact, if you exceed your data allotment, you can still browse the web through Exede’s unique Liberty Pass! The Liberty Pass ensures you’re always able to connect to the web no matter how much data you’ve used!

We’re Here to Serve You

As an Internet service provider that brings fast service to your area, we strive to ensure that you get the service that best fits your usage. Our experienced Jupiter Broadband representatives will be happy to help you choose the best one. Call 1-855-434-0031 and speak with someone who can help you sort through the options and answer all your questions, so you get the fast Internet service you want.

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