Best Internet provider call centerJupiter Broadband proudly brings you the very best in high-speed Internet service. For much of rural America, the choices for the fastest Internet connection are satellite or wireless. Jupiter Broadband offers you both. Whether you are a competitive gamer, a movie streamer, or a casual Internet surfer, Jupiter Broadband offers the right service at the right price for you. Discover the Jupiter Broadband difference when you call and speak with one of our internet specialists, who can help choose the right service and plan to meet your needs.

An Affordable Option

Jupiter Broadband provides affordable Internet service that is not only fast, but also dependable. Available throughout the country, high-speed wireless Internet is now available where you live. Using the cellular towers already in your neighborhood, Jupiter Broadband provides you with the latest technology to ensure you’re connected and having a pleasurable online experience.

With 3G/4G wireless Internet service from Jupiter Broadband, you can choose from the very best plans available in your area. Our plan options cover a variety of needs, from playing games, streaming movies, social networking, or just surfing the Internet. Jupiter Broadband offers the fastest speeds starting at just $129.99/month.

Experience the high-speed Internet difference with Jupiter Broadband today! Call 1-855-434-0031 to speak with a representative who can answer your questions or set up your appointment for installation.

An Unlimited Rural Internet Option

For a lot of residents in rural areas, finding internet service that’s free from data caps can be extremely difficult due to its scarcity. Jupiter Broadband offers various plans, but our most popular plan among our rural customers is our unlimited plan. For residents who have a large family, the unlimited plan delivers peace of mind that their household’s data needs are always met.

A Dependable Option

For rural residents who are running a business from home or pursuing an education online, dependable internet is extremely important. Oftentimes, residents in rural areas are stuck with dial-up service which can be slow and difficult to use. Furthermore, DSL is typically not much faster than dial-up, and cable or fiber optic Internet services are only offered in big cities. Jupiter Broadband, however, provides an always-on connection that’s not only reliable, but also available where you live. Our wireless Internet offers download speeds up to 100 times faster than dial-up.With our wireless and satellite Internet plans, Jupiter Broadband is the satellite internet provider you can trust for high-speed Internet.

Other High-Speed Solutions

In rare cases, some Jupiter Broadband customers fall outside our coverage zone. However, here at Jupiter Broadband we believe that everyone deserves access to high-speed internet no matter where they live. Because of this, Jupiter Broadband partnered with Exede to ensure that all of our customers get the high-speed access they need. Exede met Jupiter Broadband’s strict qualifications for partnership in the following ways. Exede advertises incredibly fast speeds of up to 12 mbps download and 3 mbps upload. While these speeds alone are impressive, Exede often delivers speeds that go above and beyond 12 mbps! In fact, 90% of Exede’s customers experience speeds 120% or greater than their advertised speeds!

Freedom from Slow Service Providers

Exede offers a variety of data plans to meet your family’s specific needs. Unlike other internet providers with data allowances, Exede will never charge you an overage fee or cut off your service for exceeding your monthly data allotment. In fact, Exede gives their preferred customers a Liberty Pass, which ensures you’re always connected to the Internet no matter how much data you’ve used!

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