Jupiter Broadband will be arriving at CES in Las Vegas on January 6th. We look forward to networking with other fixed wireless and satellite broadband professionals. A few of us got together and did some research and brainstormed on what we thought we might find at CES 2016. Here is what we came up with.

An Unlimited Internet Option

The first Consumer Electronics Show was held in June of 1967 and for over forty years now CES has offered us all a glimpse into the technology of tomorrow. Each year the tech world gathers in Las Vegas to debut the latest advances in technology, many of which become household fixtures. In 1970, CES was the debut location for the Video Cassette Recorder (VCR). Then in 1981 both the Camcorder and the Compact Disc Player made their arrival at CES. Other well known debuts include but are not limited to HDTV (1998), Microsoft Xbox (2001), Plasma TV (2001), Blu-Ray Disc (2003), 3D HDTV (2009), and more. With the 2016 CES fast approaching the world can only speculate what new tech wonders will be on display beginning on January 6th.

The Drones Are Coming

With over 29 exhibits dedicated to the advance of drone technology, the 2016 CES has affectionately been dubbed the “Drone Zoo.” Throughout CES, drones will provide arial coverage with a total 360-degree view. The continued advance of unmanned droned technology promises to provide unlimited possibilities and the potential to change the world. This year the exhibitors will shift their focus to practical uses for Drones such as being used to assist search and rescue endeavors while also improving disaster relief efforts. Along with the ability to deliver food or medicines, drone technology also has the ability to improve communications, offer a safer work force, improve crop production, and more.

The Keynote Speakers

With topics such as Beyond Smart Cities: The Future of Urban Mobility the 2016, CES Keynote speakers promise not to disappoint. Listed speakers include the Chief Executive Officers of such companies as Netflix, General Motors, IBM, Consume Technology Association, Intel, and more. In 2008, as one example, keynote speaker Bill Gates took the stage using CES as his platform to announce his retirement from day to day operations with Microsoft. The comedy sketch that followed included both celebrities and politicians as they acted out his final day in the office.

Advances in Gaming

In 2001, CES was the debut location for the Microsoft Xbox and on that day a new era of gaming began. With the ability to play four players per Xbox combined with the capability to link with other Xbox systems within cable reach was unheard of at the time. Soon after the launch the term first person shooter became a common phrase. It was not long before you know longer needed the cable to play games with your friends as Xbox combined with the growing Internet to become Xbox Live. With every passing year “gaming,” continues to evolve along with the technology to fuel it. At the 2016 CES the newest monitors, headphones, controllers, games, and more will be on display for all to see.


There will be over 3,600 companies attending the 2016 CES and of those over 500 will be startups. Attending CES is the opportunity for anyone of these over 500 startups to display their product and make the contacts that could turn them into the next Microsoft or Apple. Any of these companies could be developing the next big thing right now, and they will all be on display in January.

Smart Homes and Home Automation

Growing up as fans of science fiction and the Jetsons, the idea of a Smart Home seemed so far out of reach in our lifetime. Having a touch keypad on the front door for when we locked ourselves out of the house or a television that we could speak to when we needed to change the channel were just in the movies. But this year the exhibits at CES bring the present one step closer to the future with the advances made in Home Automation. With home security penetration less than 30%, national broadband and DSL providers have jumped into the home security market to take advantage of existing customer bases and will be well represented once again at CES.

Wearable Devices

When Samsung launched the first notable wearable device, Samsung Gear, it touted the device’s ability to communicate. Only a few short years later wearable devices will have a large focus at this year’s CES showing that the first device only scratched the surface of what is capable with wearable devices. While the first device had to be connected to a compatible device via Bluetooth the newer devices have the ability to store a SIM card and act independently. Wearable Devices now act as heart rate monitors, GPS, and more. Apple looks to make big waves with their Apple Watch using the information gathered from the device to continue to aid with fitness and health.

Gary’s Book Club

Sponsored by Barnes and Noble, Gary’s Book Club will bring 10 prominent tech authors to the forefront of CES where they will share their insights, sign autographs, and thoughtfully discuss their works. Participating authors include Nicklas Bergman, Deepak Chopra, Mick Ebeling, Larry Kilham, Gabe Klein, Joseph C. Kvedar, Joris Merks-Benjaminsen, Ben Parr, Scott Stawski, and Amy Wilkinson.

The Experience

Hosted in Las Vegas, stretching across three showroom floors, CES has become a truly one of a kind experience offering a glimpse of what is on the horizon. The 2015 show hosted over 176,000 guests while the 2016 show will host between 150,000-170,000 guests. The event, which was originally scheduled for three days, was extended to four days to allow for a greater experience for those hosting the exhibits and guests alike.

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